No Cats or Puppies are allowed in the unit or on the premises.

1. Dog must be under 15 lbs (limited to one pet per unit).  

2. Description, name, type of dog & current picture. 

3. All dogs must be Spayed/Neutered. 

4. Resident(s) agree to comply with all Health and Safety Codes and all other applicable government laws and regulations. 

5. Resident(s) agree to a Pet Deposit of $900 upon acceptance. This is in addition to the regular Security Deposit. 

6. Resident(s) agrees to maintain renter’s insurance with $300k of personal liability naming Casa Serena LLC as additional insured. 

7. Resident(s) agree that the dog will not be permitted outside the resident’s rented premises unless accompanied by the resident and wearing an applicable vest or restrained on a leash. 

8. Resident(s) will be responsible for flea/pest infestation treatment of the rented premises upon vacating and any pest issues during tenancy. 

9. All dogs must be under care of a veterinarian and maintain current vaccinations, if applicable, on file with the Owner/Agent on an annual basis. 

10. Resident(s) agree to clean up any dog waste immediately and dispose of it properly and to only allow the animal to use the proper area provided in the field thru the side gate and NOT on the property common areas or landscaping. Gate key will be provided. 

11. Resident(s) shall agree to feed your dog in an area of the rented premises that will not result in damage such as feeding on carpeted areas not protected from rips and spills the animal may cause. 

12. Resident(s) shall not permit their dog to cause any damage, discomfort, annoyance and nuisance in any way to inconvenience or cause complaints from any other resident, guests or staff. 

13. Resident(s) will be responsible for any damages to the premises, bodily harm to another animal/human being and any other damage or injury caused by or incurred in connection with having said dog.

14. Food shall not be left outside of the rented premises for any animal. 

15. If your dog is left unsupervised for an extended amount of time it may result in the proper authorities being notified. 

16. Emergency contact for the person to care for the dog should something happen. 

17. Any violation of these rules may result in the Owner/Agent serving 3-day notice to perform or vacate to the premises. 

18. Signed addendum listing all of these requirements/agreements should application be approved and tenancy accepted.